how to remove a menstrual cup

Everyone wants to know how to remove a menstrual cup. Let’s learn how to do it in the simplest way possible so that anyone can apply it whenever it becomes a necessity. In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to remove a menstrual cup without splashing everywhere and making a mess of your hand, even if it is full.

Before removing your menstrual cup from your vagina, you need to relax your body. Because if you panic and think it’s gonna be up there forever, your heart will start racing and your body will start sweating. Also when you get tensed and anxious, your pelvic floor muscles squeeze tighter and it’s going to be harder for you to reach your fingers up there. If your cup has a stem on it you might be tempted to just pull it out as soon as you reach the stem of the menstrual cup. Do not pull that stem quickly. If you do so, the pelvic floor of your vagina will hurt badly.

So, take a breath first. Menstrual blood is not like water. It’s very thick. it’s easier and less messy to do if you bring the cup down lower before you pinch it. The lower you can bring your cup down before pinching the base to remove it, the less messy it’s likely to be. Wiggle the stem side-to-side and this will bring your cup lower until the base is either at the very entrance of your vaginal opening or even hanging out. Try using your index finger and thumb to pinch. Then pull it straight down very gently as well as remember to keep the cup upright.

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